Friday, August 24, 2007

He's The Boss

From day 1 of That Other Kid's life, he has been opinionated and demanding. So much so that the first few month's of his life I slept in the rocking chair, 'cuz his bed/room were not good enough to sleep in. He needed to sleep with mommy - maybe I should say ON mommy. If I wasn't holding him, he wasn't sleeping!
Fast foward to 6 months ago -- daddy thought his bossy behavior was amusing so he started saying "obey my orders" "I'm the boss" and then getting him to repeat the phrases.
Fast forward to today -- daddy says That Other Kid needs to do what mommy says, 'cuz mommy is the boss.
He turns to daddy and says "no, I'm the boss, you obey my orders, and mommy has to obey my orders, too. I.AM.THE.BOSS."
I guess we should have seen it coming 3 1/2 years ago.....I'm just the peon around here, he's the real boss.
At least till I get the wooden artiliary out and prove to him that I have more authority!

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