Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Quick Update

Nothing too exciting going on at my house this week. I'm on meds to keep the pain to a minimum and so I'm not going anywhere, and both kids are behaving reasonably well. Finally, a quiet week.....of course, its all relative since I can't really function -- I'm not good with pain meds! I just kind of lay around and veg out.
Hockey season officially starts tomorrow morning with a dryland practice (workout with weights, etc) which That Kid is not too excited about, the real practice is Thursday night -- but he has to work so he will miss it. He is really torn; he wants to practice with the team but if he doesn't work he will miss out on about $100 for one night of work.....so he's working~ he loves that money!!!
Well I'm off to bed--- these meds waste me....
nighty, night.

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