Monday, August 20, 2007

My Little Texans

We have lived in Texas now for 12 years, before that we lived in California and Kansas, so That Kid was not born here, but as they say "got here as soon as possible". He sometimes seems to have a Texas accent, and says ya'll, but for the most part he just has a mid-western, run of the meal accent. BUT...That Other Kid was born here, and I don't know where he gets it from, but he has the cutest little Texas accent;) Tonight he was talking about nothing in particular and it seemed every word he said had a "little twang". It just cracked me up..... It's too bad I didn't have a tape recorder (do they have those anymore?) with me, so I could capture all that cuteness. He is a true Texan -- through and through!

Now as a side note --That Kid plays ice hockey (yeah, I know ice hockey in Texas) and the new season starts this week with late night practices and tournaments over the holidays. Praise God he drives himself to these now!We already have our first travel tournament coming up in 3 weeks to Cinncinati, OH. I've never been there, and it looks like he will be traveling there with his team by himself. We don't have time to plan ahead to buy all of us plane tickets, booo. I hate letting him travel by himself. I miss him while he is gone and I miss watching him play, too. Oh well, Christmas tournament will be here soon enough and I'll be sure to go on that with him.
Nighty, night......

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koinoniacommunity said...

Howdy Ann! I'm in the same boat after 13 years in NC transplanted from CA. We pick on my 5 year old and say she talks like a hillbilly (even my NC hubby says so). My 8 year old talks so much like me a friend at church told me he is going to give her speech lessons so she can talk right(aka.Southern). Have a blessed week!