Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I was a chicken, I didn't weigh-in today....I've had such a bad week. I haven't felt well and I haven't really paid attention to what I've eaten. I would have to assume that I didn't gain, or lose this week.....
I need a nap!!!


Mich said...

I hope this coming week is better for you!! As for my smoothies:

about 1 c. skim milk
about 1/2 c. organic, plain, non-fat yogurt (you want it to have atleast 3g fiber)
about 1/c. frozen berries
a sprinkle of Splenda, a sprinkle of flax seeds if you want an extra boost, some ice....mix it all in a blender til smooth!

This is a very general may find you want to play with the proportions!

Jan B said...

I hope that your next week goes better! Take care of yourself.

Thea said...

I know it's tough when you don't feel good. Take care of yourself this week! You'll bounce back!

Mama Bear June said...

Hope you feel better this week!
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