Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanks for Enough

As I started buying clothes for That Kid this fall I asked him to go through his closet and pull out anything he no longer wanted, no longer could wear, or was worn out. He filled a large trash bag with clothes, some of which I went through and put into the trash, some of which I saved for momentos (a hockey shirt, a referee association shirt, a PE shirt), the rest I left in the trash bag to take to GoodWill. This morning was the day to take the bag to GoodWill. We have one near where we were going for a referee game so I just dropped it off on our way.

That Other Kid asked why we were giving this bag of clothes away. My response was that clothes cost money when we buy them at the store, and some people don't have much money for new clothes so they go to this store to buy these clothes that we don't want anymore. He still seemed a little confused about this so I elaborated and told him that these clothes just cost a little money or sometimes they don't cost any money. This seemed to clear it up for him.

His response "Well they need to get more money." I told him that some people just don't get much money for the work they do. His response, "well they should, cuz they need to buy good clothes".

Today I am thankful that I have enough and can bless others that "don't have enough".

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