Saturday, November 3, 2007

A "Little" Housework

What is so special about a vacumn? Both my kids have been terrified of the vacumn. It's not like I run over them and hurt them with the vacumn. Or even try to do anything that would cause fear. That Kid eventually outgrew the terror. I'm not sure when, but one day it wasn't there and he was willing to stay in the same room while I vacumned.

That Other Kid displayed such fear of the vacumn that he would run crying to dad or big brother to protect him from the "big bad vacumn". That is till today.....when he decided that it really wasn't so scary! He chased the vacumn with his bike, teased the vacumn while sitting in the rocking chair,

then the break-through came......HE wanted to vacumn. Who am I to argue with someone else doing the housework????!!

Now if I can get him to dust, fold the laundry instead of climbing on it, and clean the bathrooms I'll be a happy momma!!!

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