Sunday, June 8, 2008

Adventures For A Sunday

I mentioned yesterday that That Kid bought himself some Dickies brand shorts for his new job. I just couldn't grasp him actually wearing these shorts, so I went to the mall and bought him a couple of replacement shorts that I thought were more "normal"! He got home and tried them on and remarked...."they're too short! I can't wear these!" I didn't know they had to be below his knees.

So today I took him with me to the mall (this was my mistake yesterday -- he wasn't with me and I was shooting blind, ya know). So we found 2 pair of shorts that were long enough, plain, basic khaki shorts. I asked him if these were better than the "dickies shorts" he bought for himself and his reply was, "ya I guess". Good enough for me...the Dickies go back to the store and I have the satifaction of knowing my son is wearing "regular" shorts!

The whole family went to the movies today. We saw Kung Fu Panda and it was a fun movie! There was a lot of kicking and punching and fast moves that kept the movie entertaining for the youngest crowd and enough of a plot to keep the older members of the group entertained. Oh, and did you know that buying food for a family of 4 at the concession stand is just like buying food in a restuarant like Chili's or Friday's?? and I assure you the food at the movies is not nearly as satisfying! Oh well, we had fun and I didn't have to cook, either...

Hope your Sunday has been fun!

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