Monday, June 23, 2008

Blowing Your Nose Is A Valuable Luxery

I've been a little under the weather since Thursday morning! I had my surgery Thursday morning and I don't remember a thing!! All I remember is the surgeon walking in to the pre-op room and making sure I didn't have any questions before wheeling me back to the operating room. Before they wheeled me back they gave me an IV with knock-out juice. I remember the room being EXTREMELY COLD (why does it have to be soooooo cold in there) and as the nurse was adjusting the lights they gave me a mask with more knock out juice....That's all I remember till they were trying to wake me up in the post-op room. They woke me up more and more....and I was still soooo cold. They gave me a bunch of blankets and tried to make sure I warmed up.

I eventually warmed up and the doctor came in and gave me instructions for the week. No lifting, no driving, no bending, no raising my blood pressure for A WHOLE WEEK. OH AND I CAN'T BLOW MY NOSE EITHER!!! What???!! right now that's the only thing I want to do!! So I say to you reading this...BLOW YOUR NOSE, some day you may not be able to!! I can't wait to go to the doctor Friday morning and have the doctor remove the plastic splints from my nose so I can BLOW MY NOSE and not have a bunch of gunk drain from my nose all the time. Right now I have a gauze pad under my nose to catch all the drainage...that's getting old, but I am glad the surgery is over!!

I was told by the surgeon that my deviated septum was severe and it is a good thing I had this done....I will be glad it's done soon, even though I can't wait to blow my nose now!!

That Other Kid is handling EVERYTHING better than I ever dreamed and That Kid didn't think twice about leaving for camp. He did a couple of loads of laundry Saturday night....all by himself and I guess he figured his momma didn't need him!! I pray he is getting what God wants him to get from camp. DH is getting to work almost as much as normal, since That Other Kid is gone during the day with the babysitter. So all is going well....I'm just laying around a lot and I'm not really doing anything but relaxing with my head back.

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