Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kids Have A Way...

of messing up our grandest plans, don'tcha know!

I got off the computer Monday night about 10 p.m. thinking, great I have 2 hours to do laundry, dishes, and various other household tasks that I had put of during the day. (Just so you know the laundry still needs to be folded and put away!) I went to the "little girls room" for a few minutes to regroup and take care of business. I came out and That Other Kid starts screaming for me. Now this is weird, I had just put him in bed about an hour earlier and he rarely has to use the bathroom this soon and he rarely has bad dreams, etc. that would require my presence. I went into to see what was needed. He told me his stomach hurt. Maybe you need to go to the bathroom, "NO" I was emphatically told. It itches and hurts. I go get the flashlight, so as to not blind him with the overhead light, thinking he'll be back asleep in 10 minutes! Boy, did I have this one pegged wrong! I look at his stomach and he has A.HUGE.RASH!and it wasn't there 1 hour ago!! ALL.OVER.HIS.STOMACH.LEGS.BACK.HANDS. You get the idea! It was everywhere. I promptly whip out the Benadryl and give him a dose. 2 minutes later he tells me his HANDS hurt, and I grab my shoes, and purse along with him and drive to the Pediatric Urgent Care that is just minutes from my house.

I love this place! They are prompt, caring, and very thorough with a panicky mom and hurting little boy! The doctor comes in just minutes after the nurse has taken vitals and starts talking to both of us. He has food and ant bite allergies so we have dealt with allergic reactions fact we just dealt with the allergic reaction of ant bites a few weeks ago, so we know the drill. No, he hasn't had anything new, no bugs in bed with him. We are CLUELESS! What is he allergic to this time???!!! WE DON'T KNOW!!!

Medicine was adminstered, he vomited all over the pj's he was wearing, a shot was given--to replace the medicine he vomited up, and about an hour later we got to leave. He looked a little better, but still itched and looked like a big welt! I got him home and in bed and promptly went to bed myself. Of course, I didn't accomplish anything I had planned...but I was too tired to deal with it then, so I just went to bed.

Next morning, (yesterday) I got up and hoped to see my little boy looking normal. Instead he had welts in a couple of places, but he wasn't looking too bad. I had to drop off his prescriptions and this was Karate day, (which is near pharmacy) so I decided to just give him Benadryl this morning and give him prescriptions after Karate class. Morning dressed and left for Karate.
As I was getting him out of the car seat, I noticed he was scratching a lot, but didn't really think about it.

By the time class started 10 minutes later he couldn't stop scratching and his face was turning bright red! I immediately leave to room to call his peditrician, who of course is out on Tuesday afternoons, but I ask for appointment with her associate. Appointment time is set for 1 hour from this time. Class is 30 minutes long....and he could hardly stop scratching long enough to participate. I grabbed lunch at the drive thru and drove immediately to doctor's office.

I walk in the office with him and they immediately usher him to the back --- he is miserable and looks that way, too. The nurse comes in and takes a look at him, asking all the typical questions, and tells me "its a good thing we know you here or I would think he had been severely beat; he has that many welts and is that miserable".
I guess it's a good thing, we run to the doctor so often! If for no other reason than I have a reputation for being a caring, overprotective mom, who runs to the doctor for the slightest thing!

So anyway the doctor comes in and takes a look at all the info, again asks all the typical questions and checks with me to see if we have done anything new or different. I gave her the info, and told her the medicines that the other doctor had prescribed. She told me to continue with these medicines and also gave us some samples of some other medicines and a cream to help with itching. She also told me to go home and give him a Oatmeal Bath immediatedly after giving him his medicines. I did as instructed... and his itching was relieved some. A few hours later he looked pretty much normal, but he was whiney and clingy the rest of the day.

I gave him another oatmeal bath, then a regular bath, drugged him up with all his medicines and put him to bed at his normal bedtime.

After the past 24 hours I needed some MAJOR comfort food, so went to get ice cream and coke! I also decided to rewash ALL HIS clothes and bedding in DREFT laundry detergent....just in case the people at Arm and Hammer decided to change their detergent without telling me! Time will tell...he has made it through today without any reactions, but he hasn't missed any medicine and he has worn clothes that were washed in baby laundry detergent!

And now I even have MORE laundry to fold....maybe I'll get to it tonight!!!!

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