Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When Momma Is Down....

nothing gets done without a lot of extra effort. Examples abound this week as I am not able to drive, lift, bend, or pretty much anything but lay around. And let me tell you, it's getting OLD! I can hardly wait to go to the doctor Friday so he can remove the splints from my nose, and give me (hopefully) permission to start moving back to my "normal" life.

I run ALL the errands for the family...everything from dropping off the dry cleaning, banking, play dates, buying groceries, going to pick up dinner at the local fast food place (way too often, btw). However, this week I CAN'T DRIVE!!!! I am stuck at home, and the!! That leaves all the driving to DH...which includes all those normal weekly errands plus trying to ensure that That Other Kid has food, (did I mention I'm not, has things to do, etc., etc.

I also have a doctor appointment on Friday...and That Kid comes home Friday afternoon, so unless I am released from the doctor Friday morning DH will be making yet another drive to the church 30 minutes away. Of course, that is only AFTER driving 40 minutes to the doctor....

Oh and of course, he's got clients that want at least some work done this week. and of course if he doesn't work we don't get I think you get the picture! It's a crazy time for us...and I'm looking forward to getting back to "normal" so DH can get back to work and I can take care of the family again like it should be. This will also keep my blood pressure lower...since I won't have to listen to how behind DH is getting this week, since things are so haywire!

Hope things are "normal" for you!! Whatever that is!! oh if you figure out what "normal" is can you let me know...??? I'm really curious.

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