Monday, June 16, 2008

Panic Is Setting In

My surgery is just a few days away panic is setting in! I have so many things to do between now and Thursday morning and soooo little time. Just like every mom who is about to have surgery I have many things to prepare before going under the knife. And my main source of help -- That Kid -- gonna be gone the majority of the time I am recovering! What was I thinking???

I arranged for a new babysitter (my regular one is busy) to help out with That Other Kid for next week, when That Kid is gone. I think she's going to work out great! She's 17 and has a 5 year old little brother...I think That Other Kid is excited about hanging out with her/him! A playmate is always a good thing and it will probably keep him from thinking about mommy so much. He's already asking A BUNCH of questions....and I'm sure he's thinking of MORE...enough to drive me insane over the next couple of days!

I got to have a Mom's Night Out tonight and IT WAS WONDERFUL!! I needed it soooooo BADD. Thanks, my friend, for hanging with me and listening to me whine!!! Chili's is the perfect MOM'S NIGHT OUT resturant -- there were 2 other tables with "just women" laughing, talking a hundred miles an hour and eating Chips and Salsa!! Gotta Love Chili's!!

Over the next 2 days I need to make sure That Kid is prepared for Church Camp, the laundry is caught up, there are plenty of groceries, including the basics like juice, milk and Kix Cereal!! I also have to make list after list of things that go on around here on a daily basis so everyone can do the things that HAVE to proceed as normal-- like the feeding of the people and animals, mail pickup, bathing of the little one; you know just the little things that moms do every day!!

But on the bright side after the surgery I will have hours and hours of time to watch movies, and read books that I don't normally have time for and I'll probably get plenty of rest....cuz of the pain pills!! And hopefully, after recouperation I will begin to feel like a "normal" person again....Then I will sit back and say it was all worth it.

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