Monday, June 9, 2008

New Job

Today was That Kid's first day of his new job at the health club that we work out goof off at. His technical job title is "camp counselor", but basically he helps corral elementary school age kids in various activities throughout the day. He has experience -- he helped in the Homeschool PE classes for 2 school years, and was hired basically as soon as his application was submitted. I was pleased to hear him even attempting to get a job for the summer, and was even more pleased when he actually got a job that he is qualified for, instead of a McJob at the local fast food establishments.

I believe he has been blessed with talents working in the area of sports and kids. A couple of years ago he took a Career Assessment Test and it came back indicating that he excelled in the area of athletics and there you have it! It has been verified by someone other than me!

He worked a fairly long shift for his first shift -- 5 hours, and then immediately had to go referee 3 youth hockey games. I called him while he was on his way to the games and asked how his day with the kids was. He responded, "I HATE KIDS!!! They drew 'tattoos' all over me!" This cracked me up...he does this with his little brother all the time and I'm always complaining about it. Now he gets a little taste of his own medicine! And this will also help to insure that he doesn't get in any hurry to marry and have kids!!

You go kids! Keep driving him CRAZY!!!

Something else about his new job...he gets a pretty decent wage for a part time summer job, but it's nothing like what he gets paid to work as a referee. He is working 4 games this week as a referee and will earn what he is earning in working 5 LONG shifts as a "camp counselor". This will teach him to appreciate his money a little more, I think.

Well gotta go....I've got laundry to fold, a cantaloupe to cut, and bills to pay in the next hour or so...Hope you had a great day!

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