Thursday, June 5, 2008

Praise HIM!!

You may remember a few months back I asked for prayers for my dad. He was diagnosed with colon cancer witha huge mass of tissue that was cancerous. Over the course of the past few months he has undergone chemo and then chemo with radiation. He was to undergo chemo for 8 weeks, then 5 weeks with chemo and radiation at the same time. He was told to watch for various degrees of side effects and report back to doctors and nurses.

This was/is week 4 for radiation with chemo. He went to the oncologists today and was told the mass has shrunk enough for them to do surgery. The surgeon will probably do surgery in about 4 weeks. The oncologist asked about his side effects -- to which he happily replied "WHAT SIDE EFFECTS??" He even has all his hair!! He has not had any negative side effects!! Praise God!! So the oncologist took him off the chemo and radiation a full week early!! He has even been walking 2 miles a day!!!He says he feels better now than he has in a couple of years!!

I just wanted to tell you how good God is, just in case you have forgotten recently!! I know I need a reminder sometimes... .and I wanted to tell you thanks for your prayers!!!

Thanks and don't forget GOD IS GOOD!!!!

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