Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crazy Busy

That's the best way to describe the last week of my life. So much has happened I didn't even have time to document it! I'll try to give a brief rundown now and then maybe next week it will slow down a little and I can detail it a little...but right now there are no guarantees!

Last Saturday was That Other Kid's last hockey 101 class, which is the last skate class before he could start "actually play"hockey. He passed his class and we signed him up for MINI-MITES, which had already started. They let him join in with a pro-rated price and practice was the next day. Practice is Friday night and Sunday afternoon! So once again I am at the rink 2 times a week! I feel like I'm home again!! I was really missing spending my weekends at the more!

Progressing through my week....Monday I worked out with my friend and then ran errands. Tuesday was Karate.

Wednesday more errands and I got my CPAP mask so I ACTUALLY am able to SLEEP!! It's really a great feeling to only problem with it is that I'm so used to NOT sleeping that I'm having trouble getting to bed early enough to actually get enough sleep. DH has been staying up LATE, too so it has been difficult to sleep while he is still working knowing that he is going to be coming to bed soon and waking me up to talk to me and help him go to sleep. I have to work at going to bed earlier. Of course, I have to get off the computer and try to go to bed before midnight!!! But, I AM SLEEPING and I'm beginning to feel rested...after I wake up in the morning.

Thursday a friend of mine needed a ride to the doctor and it happened to be a couple of miles from the ZOO so I took That Other Kid to the zoo! It was a BEAUTIFUL fall day. Temperatures were ideal and we had a great time! When we were done we picked my friend up and went home to veg!

Friday we went to run some errands and then we went to the park in our neighborhood with some homeschool friends. Once again a great fall day!! I went home real fast and got his bike and he got to ride his bike and play frisbee, and football till he was exhausted!
Unfortunately, he had hockey practice that night so he was TIRED and kept falling down during practice. Oh well...I'll remember not to exhaust him on Fridays!

Saturday....didn't do anything!! It was kindof refreshing!!

Today, That Kid worked all day....I think he worked 6 games today and 6 games yesterday. Busy, busy, busy!!! That Other Kid went to hockey practice and then we came home and went to 2 fall festivals! The first one was a was just down the street at the school and it was a real bummer. The second one was WONDERFUL and it was at a church not too far away! There were bounce houses, candy galore, and games for little kids, not to mention food! and it was ALL FREE!!! I was very pleased!

We came home and he took a bath and went to bed with no argument! I need to do laundry....fold, and hang, but instead I sit here vegging on the computer!! Oh well, now I'm gonna go to bed and SLEEP! YEAH....maybe I'll get close to 8 hours tonight!!

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