Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Time to Boast

That Kid has been playing ice hockey now for about 10 years. About 4 years ago he decided he probably wasn't going anywhere with playing hockey so he thought he would try officiating. He started out in the program the fall that he was 14 (4 years ago). He went through a hockey season being "trained". During this training session he officiated with high level officials who had been working all levels of hockey. Once he was finished working this training season, he was free to work as many games as he wanted as long as they were youth leagues, with players younger than he was. Over the past 3 years he has worked hard to improve himself and become a better referee. This weekend his hard work paid off.

He was asked to attend a program, along with 2 other young men, where he met NHL Officials. Not only did they meet them, but they got to have a Q & A with these men. How do they advance? What programs should they seek out to advance?? etc., It was definitely a chance of a lifetime!

He not only got to have this Q & A, but he went out on the ICE with them, during the warm-up between the Dallas Stars and Edmonton Oilers. He talked with the goalie for the Edmonton Oilers and skated with the NHL Officials. After skating the warm-up, they did the National Anthem with the 2 teams and the Officials. After this they left the ice, watched the game, then went down to the locker room with the officials and questioned them about the calls for the game.

What a wonderful opportunity!! And of course, I documented it!!

Entering the ice with NHL Officials

Talking with the Goalie from the Edmonton Oilers.

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moebaby said...

Those are so awesome! I am so glad that my daughter got to go experience that with him!