Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monday Project -- Final Questions For Rethink Your Shrink

Rethink Your Shrink, The Monday Project

It's time for the final Monday Project for the "Rethink Your Shrink" Challenge from the Sisterhood. This challenge was the hardest one thus far for me to stay focused on but I learned more about myself than any of the other challenges that I have participated in. Although my goals were not all met, I learned SOOOO MUCH about myself and the things I need to do to stay on the course of losing weight and getting healthy.

What happened over the past 7 weeks? Many things happened over the course of the past 6/7 weeks that have made it VERY difficult to stay focused on my journey of weight loss. I have been under a great deal of stress that I never expected to have to deal with, but I have (with the help of my friends - both real and virtual) been able to at least stay somewhat focused. I learned the things to do and the things to stay away from.

Did you move more? Um...more? I'm not sure I can say I moved more, but I continued moving and that is really one of the main keys for me to lose weight. I consistently exercised, even completing the first monthly challenge from the Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum Wii Game during this time. It was a good thing for me to do during this time because I didn't want to "not do it". I like having a challenge set up for me to do frequently.

Did you find victories? There were victories...just not as many as I wanted. I did keep my house picked up. I did manage to increase my fruit/veggies consumption. I did manage to lose some weight during this time.

Did you find non-scale victories? Oops...see above!

Did you do something you’ve never done before? (And in a good way?) Yes, I did do something different! I tried Pilates and it is something I have been telling myself I was going to try for MANY years! I enjoyed it, although I hurt for several days after....just showing me that I need to do it more frequently!

How much did you lose? I lost 3.4 pounds during this challenge. I also lost the ability to say "I can't do it!!" just because it is hard.

How did you do when you had an off-week? Did you fall off? Did you get back up? I had several bad weeks during this time, but they were productive times where I did continue working at the "mental" perspective of losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle! I managed to not pick up the coke habit again and I ate some fruit or veggies EVERY SINGLE DAY!! When I had a bad day I just went to the Shrinking Jeans website and "visited" my friends. Reading about their challenges and successes made it easier for me to stay on track. I also managed to walk away from the kitchen a few times when all I wanted to do was sit with a bunch of junk and pig out! I did pick myself back up and wipe my eyes and get back on track (mostly).

Where did you find motivation? I found my motivation from my projects that Christie assigned and from daily looking at the pictures on my motivation wall showing me at one of my heaviest points and also from 1 year later with losing 35 pounds. So, thanks Christie!!! I saw how far I had come in just a year. Then I would look at several other pictures around my house that show me when I was a skinnier, healthier me!! This was incredibly motivating...not depressing like I thought it would do!! I can do it....I just have to remember that I didn't get where I am (still at least 40 pounds to lose) overnight. It took years of over-indulging and not exercising to get to where I have been.

Did you like this challenge? I absolutely LOVED this challenge!! There was so much more to this challenge than just losing weight. There was also the challenging of my brain and mental outlook!!

I am so happy I found the Sisterhood. I would not be where I am without them....Thanks so much for being a wonderful support group for me!! I can't tell you how much I needed it!

Here are my after pictures. My clothes are getting baggier and baggier every month and although my weight didn't go down much this 6 week time period I can tell a big difference in the way my clothes fit! Sorry for the pouty faces! I was exhausted by the time I took these pictures....

My before ones are here...


Christie O. said...

"pick up the coke habit." LOL!
Yayyyy Ann!!! I'm so glad you liked this challenge and discovered so many things about yourself during this challenge! And you can definitely tell that your clothes fit differently in the pictures, awesome!!! you have come SO FAR on your journey, i'm so happy for you!! xoxo

Bari said...

You are making such great progress-I can definitely see a difference in those pictures :) Way to go!

Bacardi Mama said...

You are doing great. You can really tell a difference in your pictures. I loved this challenge too. I think it was the best challenge yet at the Sisiterhood.

Brooke said...

you really are shrinking before our eyes!! :) glad you were able to lose and learn despite the stressors in your life.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

You are doing great!
I loved this challenge too can't wait for the next one.