Friday, February 19, 2010

My SuperHero Alter Ego

Today's Monday Project is to create an alter ego that is a super hero for myself and talk about some of the super powers that she would have. This one was kind of difficult for me so I enlisted the help of my dh.

As a stay at home mom who has poured almost 20 years into caring for her kiddos, as well as homeschooling and taking care of the home management side of being a homemaker, my dh has often called me "SuperMom". I never really thought of myself as supermom but as I have been thinking about this alter ego I decided that this would be my ideal super hero character. As SuperMom I would definitely NOT wear a cape....A cape would just get in the way of my constant movement! Because as SuperMom moving all day long is just part of the role!

Although I have been a stay at home mom for what seems like forever it is what I always dreamed of doing as a kid. After I got over the idea of being a nurse the first time I saw a bunch of blood and a broken bone (my own) -- of course, because didn't every little girl want to be a nurse back in the 70's??

I would change MANY things though, if I were the SuperMom in my head...

1)I would not be lazy EVER!! I would never go to bed with a dirty, cluttered, unorganized home.

2)I would enlist my kids in a healthy lifestyle from Day 1. Sitting around just watching tv would be for OCCASIONAL days...not days where I just don't want to do anything, which sadly is more often than I would care to admit!

3)I would homeschool my kids the way THEY learned best, not how I learn best! I would take more walks, do more nature studies, do more things that incorporate the lifestyle of our ancestors. I would also teach them more about the finer things in life; art, music, and caring for others.

4)I would make sure that my kids were actively moving EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Even when it is cold, rainy, snowy, windy or too hot! I would teach them that the most important part of their day needs to be to take care of their body by moving it and caring for all parts of it...from the top of their head to the bottoms of their feet!

5)SuperMom would also have time to help others in her life. Friends, family, and the community around her would benefit from all that she accomplished.

6)One of the most important things that SuperMom would do is to put herself FIRST; NOT LAST...Because she would realize that the mom that is healthy and happy is a better mom.

I am accomplishing much more of these things as I continue to get a grasp on my own health and raise That Other Kid but the way I see it there is always room for improvement. Maybe by the time I am a grandmother (which better be A LONG TIME FROM NOW).... I will be where I want to be and I can be SuperGrammy!!

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Brooke said...

here's to you super mom!!! :)