Friday, February 26, 2010

Taking It To the Bank....

This weeks Monday Project for the Sisterhood was to look at the "deposits" we make each week in our progress. No matter what we accomplish (or don't accomplish) we get something out of every thing that we do. This was an interesting Project for me. This week my life changed dramatically...I got a FULL TIME JOB!! I have been a stay at home mom for nearly 20 years. I have worked occasionally during the past 20 years but NEVER full time! I will also be working 3rd shift (which I have never done!) so that my dh can have the car during the day for his continued search for work and I can still spend time with That Other Kid and continue to homeschool him. Not only will I be working 3rd shift but it will be physically demanding!! I'm both excited and scared, but because of what I have accomplished over the past 11 months I know that I can do it!!

What have I "taken to the bank" this week? Thanks for asking...over the next few weeks I'm sure I will be adding to this list, but for now here it is.

1) I learned that I can still get employment -- even in tough times!

2) I can adapt my very structured, routine life!

3) I can, at the drop of the hat (or ring of the phone in this case) change my "already scheduled" work schedule to adapt to the needs of my new employer. I was originally scheduled for orientation on Friday, but at 5 pm Wednesday they called and asked me to come in on Thursday morning instead. This means I actually get to start WORKING sooner and I get a paycheck next Thursday instead of waiting till the 18th of March!!

4) I learned that I NEED to exercise for my sanity! No matter how tired, busy, or mentally blah I feel, exercising makes me feel better!! This week has been kind of crazy with the busyness of getting a job and preparing our family for the changes of said job. But at the end of the day I have WANTED to made me sleep better, relax and let the stresses of the day melt away! And with the Wii Fit Plus I could even do the "free step" and watch the Olympics at the same time!! I burned (according to the the Wii) 128 calories while watching tv!! YAY!!

5) This week I took to the bank that I don't NEED to drink soda just because others are!! Today in the break room every where I looked people were drinking soda!! I drank my big bottle of water that I brought from home!! I also discovered that I NEED to drink at least 64 ounces of water during an 8 hour day to feel hydrated!! I guess they will have to give me lots of bathroom breaks, because I am going to need to guzzle my water on my breaks!

6) Did you know that McDonald's french fries are some of the "healthiest" fries out there? It's true! My dh saw it on a yahoo news report this week! Although they are the healthiest fries out there, they are NOT good for you!! Did you know that most Walmarts have McDonald's in them? least they do around here!! Did you know that McDonald's fries are my mostest favorite fries in the whole world? Did you know that I DO HAVE THE ABILITY TO NOT PURCHASE SAID FRIES AT 5 P.M. (even when HUNGRY!)? I didn't know it either....till I walked right out of that store WITHOUT BUYING FRENCH FRIES and eating my apple instead!! I just saved myself some major fat calories!! Thanks me!!

This week I learned alot about myself...and I'm putting it ALL in the bank. Over the next few weeks I know that I am gonna need to look back at all these "deposits" and see just what I am made of!! And I'm going to make sure that I continue making more deposits to the bank....because I still have a long way to go!!


Brooke said...

^5 on the new job
^5 getting to start early
^5 on getting a pay check sooner
super ^5 on resisting the call of the golden arches!!!
and a quadruple ^5 on exercising even though you have every excuse not to.

you are one amazing woman Ann!!!

Christie O. said...

ditto to all that wonderfulness that brooke said! and i had no idea that was "high five" in computer-ease. hahahaha! congrats on all your wonderful deposits!!

~Mendie~ said...

You had a great week...and all while starting a new job! I'm with you on the water, I need to make myself drink more at work...I go back and forth and this week I have fallen back.

Yeah for deposits!

Christy M. said...

Ann, I'm so proud of you! Your attitude through this whole ordeal of your husband losing his job has been so amazing. You're my kinda girl. I always try to look at the positives and not get down, because it's too hard to pull yourself back up. WAY TO GO!

I'm proud of you for getting out and finding a job after 20 years of SAHM-dom. WOW!

I'm proud of you for making the job work with your life and schedule! YAY!

I'm proud of you for skipping the Cokes and drinking water, and for walking past the fries. WOOHOOO!!

Keep up the good work. You are amazing!!!!

Bari said...

Wow, Ann, you have been a busy girl this week! Congrats on the new job and for being able to still work out your schedule for your family - big deposits! And resisting the call of the golden arches - cha-ching!

Nadine said...

there is so much positive in this post! good for you!