Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hockey and More

Ok, sorry to keep you guys hanging over the past few days. Life has been crazy and both my boys are sick so I've been a bit busy.

First --- the hockey tournament! The boys won their game Sunday morning so they came in 3rd place. As of now, their record for the new season 6-1-1.
It's a good way to start the season. That Kid said the referees were very one sided and they called out of town teams to the penalty box way more than the local team. That's the way it is in some places, which is SAD. Why can't the refs just call the game as USA Hockey dictates? Oh well, our team will adapt!
While That Kid was gone for the tournament, That Other Kid were invited to go to Six Flags Over Texas with some friends. Now I'm not big on roller coasters and such, but I knew I could handle Looney Tunes area of the park and I knew That Other Kid would have a blast! We went and I was right, he LOVED IT! A couple of pics for your enjoyment!

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Kim said...

It sounds like you are in to we are into Basketball!!!

Enjoy these times....they go by WAY too quickly!!