Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm Still Alive!

Just in case you were wondering.....Yes, I'm still alive and somewhat well, just excruciatingly busy. So much so, that I haven't had time to blog or hardly even read any which is rare, cuz ya know there's always time to read a blog or two. (grin) But not so this week. Doctor appointments, the start of school, errands, our 23rd anniversary, and our first hockey tournament of the season has kept me running almost non-stop.

Of course, we've had to deal with a crisis or two with That Kid and grumpy and whiny attitudes from That Other Kid, but that is life in our household right now. Hopefully, things will slow down a little this week. I don't think I can go on too long keeping up with all the excitement.

On 2 happy notes -- which are what I am choosing to focus on right now --

That Kid is no longer going out with his CRAZY Girlfriend, yeah!!! and I had a nice date with dh on our 23rd anniversary Friday. We had our wonderful babysitter come take care of That Other Kid (since the built in one had to work) and we got to go out to eat BY OURSELVES!!!!! We went to a nice restaurant and sat at a REAL table....and I didn't have to dismantle chicken strips -- that's a story for another day---Then we went to walk around the mall and just talk, which is what we did when we dated and first got married. It was a nice end to a stressful week!

We won all 3 of our hockey games this weekend so we are in 1st place, so we play again in the morning, so I need to fold some laundry and iron some clothes for That Kid...they have to show up in dress clothes, before changing into warmup clothes.....He looks sooooooo good!!! I love him so much, please pray he is safe. Hockey is a tough sport, but he loves it!

Have a good Labor Day and don't labor too much.

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