Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 2...Round 2

Today was day 2 of the 30 Day Shred. I got a late start tonight, cuz it took me forever to get That Other Kid to bed. I really didn't want to do it since it was almost 10 p.m. by the time I got changed and ready to go, but I did it! Man, this cardio it killing me. I'm doing better with the rest of the workout but still not doing great with those jumping jacks! I'm doing some of the workout with Natalie and some of it with Anita. My goal is to be able to everything but those static lunges with Natalie by the end of the 10 days. I have bad knees and any kind of lunge is pretty painful for me, so I'll stick with Anita on those.

Since it was so late I only did the WiiFit Hula for the 70 second workout for a warmup then the 3 minute workout. I did hit a new record for the 3 minute duration...so even though I was tired I set a new record and did pretty good.

Yeah!! Day 2 is over....tomorrow is weigh-in day. I'm not sure how it will look, since I did splurge this weekend while I was in Kansas. I drank 4 or 5 cokes (which I am no longer drinking!!) and I ate, ate, ate!! The funny thing about drinking those cokes....I no longer like the way they taste! and they are not something I want to drink now!! And the caffeine that I was getting while drinking all those cokes....oh my goodness....I no longer need that either!! In fact the day I drank 2 cokes I didn't sleep well!! So that little addiction is OVER!! Now I just need to stop eating the "bad for me food"!

Onward and DOWNWARD!!

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Brooke said...

my video finally came in!!! i'm starting tonight and am very excited. :) you all have me a little scared though!