Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gotta Love Her!!!

And by HER I mean Amy Grant!! When I was a young teenage Christian I discovered Amy Grant and I loved her then and I will always love her. People have sometimes criticized her by saying she shouldn't cross over to the "pop" market. Some have criticized her because she got divorced and remarried. Some simply don't like her, but I will never be one of "those" people.

You may ask "why all the Amy Grant talk"??? Well let me tell you yesterday she released a new CD or whatever you call it when it's on Itunes and Sophie told me about it. She is also giving me an opportunity to WIN a bunch of stuff from Amy Grant, with even a chance to TALK TO AY GRANT!!! I would probably just be a bumbling mess if that happened to me, but I would LOVE it...anyways I'm supposed to tell you to go check out the new "EP" according to Sophie, and check it out here

So I'm telling ya'll about it...will you go check it out?? and let us know what song you like best! and tell everyone else you know about it, k??

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