Monday, May 18, 2009

I Did It!! Day 6 and 7 On the Road!!

This weekend I traveled to Kansas to celebrate my niece's high school graduation. since it was going to be a "quick" weekend trip I determined that I WOULD DO MY SHRED no matter what!! It would be hard but I decided "I am worth it!" I am really on a roll and I want to get this weight off...and the only way I can successfully do that is if I exercise EVERY DAY and monitor my food intake!

Saturday afternoon we checked into a hotel and unloaded our stuff, changed clothes and went to my brother's house. They had her party Saturday night with lots of great food. Good choices and bad choices! I filled my plate with good choices then sat down to eat. After eating the good stuff, I went back to get the "bad choices". I sat down with my plate and started eating, when That Other Kid "got hurt" on the trampoline. I say "got hurt" in quotes cuz it was mostly hurt feelings with a little bit of "real hurt"! Anyway, by the time I got back to the food it was cold and I wasn't really hungry anymore! I did find room for several dessert choices, but I drank water the whole night and did pretty good with the "good choices"!

After hanging with the family and friends That Other Kid and I went back to the hotel. I got him ready for bed and asleep by 10:30 p.m.!! Pretty stinkin' good if I do say myself!! I immediately changed clothes and started exercising!! YAH!! I kept the volume down on my laptop and did my Day 6, Level 1 of the DVD!! All while he slept in the same room!! I'm so good!! I went to sleep about 12:30 a.m. feeling good about the fact that I did my workout!

Yesterday morning I woke up early and changed clothes and immediately started working out! I'm not a morning person but I knew this would be my only chance and I didn't want to go through the day without doing my workout....I made it through the entire section and did Day 7, Level 1!! Then I took a shower and went about my busy, crazy, fun day!!

I did choose to have a 32 oz. coke last night, since I knew I would need the caffiene and calories to help me drive back home. We didn't get on the road till 10 p.m. and I realized that driving that late with no caffiene would be dangerous!! I'm cutting myself some slack on that one!! But I don't feel the need to have more, so that's good! Back to my "no cokes/no caffiene" lifestyle!! Not that I won't allow myself some "splurges" once in awhile!!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend....I check back in later with some pictures of the graduation celebration!!!

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