Thursday, January 7, 2010

3 Things....

so...over at the Sisterhood we are talking about 3 interesting/funny/embarrassing things that have happened to us.

I've been thinking about this for a while this afternoon and I guess I'm pretty boring or I block out things that embarrass me because I can't really think of much.

I did come up with a few things that most people outside of my family don't know about me:

1) I fall asleep EVERY.SINGLE.TIME a Star Wars Movie comes on tv! I even fell asleep at the Theatre when dh took me to see one of the movies. I can't even remember which one, but dh tells me to put in a disc of Star Wars if he thinks I need a nap now!! I guess I'll never live that one down!

2) I weighed 105 pounds when I got married back in 1984! I wore a size 5 wedding dress! I was also 19 years old....I am under no allusion that I will be that size again! Nor do I want to. I'm wearing a size 14 now, and it's gone down 2 sizes since I started working out and exercising. Man I was thin!!

3) Since Brooke admitted to being a "phantom pharter" I should also admit to the same! I do it while sitting at my computer and blame others in the house!! It's easy to do because I have a 6 year old who thinks its cool.

So what are your embarrassing moments??


Christie O. said...

hahaha! phantom pharters! i love that saying! (guilty here too.)

i was 117 lbs when i was in high school and i really can't see how i would be that weight again ever, but weirder things have happened i guess. 105, though! that's TINY! i don't think I came out of the womb at 105 pounds!

Brooke said...

lol @ blaming it on your son. boys are so much different than us.

and :-O at 105. i can't imagine any healthy adult woman being that small!

i was at my highest weight ever on my wedding day. although that'll change once i have kids!