Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 3 -- Rethinking The Shrink

I guess I REALLY need to rethink my shrink this week, because I sure didn't shrink much. There is NO WAY I'm going to make my goal of losing 10 pounds at this rate. Anyway, here are my sad numbers :((

Last week -- 187.9
This week -- 187.2

That's only .7 of a pound, UGH!! BUT, on the bright side of this sad tale is the fact that indeed I DID lose weight this week....even if it's a small amount. I am continuing to learn more about myself and what my trigger points are for wanting to eat more food than I really need. I am also learning how to walk away from food in times of stress which right now is a pretty constant thing in my life.

I think I'm going to try bumping my exercise up this week and see if that helps me to lose weight a little faster. I also am going to commit to going to bed at a consistent time and see if that helps me in the long run. My allergies are running wild right now so that may be contributing to my "dragging through the day" feeling no matter how much or how little I sleep.

Hope everyone else had a great week!!


Brooke said...

yuk - allergies. :| you'd think winter would be the one time of year we'd be save from them.

but chin up - you lost weight this week!!! :)

Karena said...

I'm all for bumping up the exercise -- I'm on an exercise high with all the miles I've been logging lately -- but, Ann, you're heading down the scale. Perhaps not the 2-3 pounds per week you'd like to see, but it is coming. Don't be disappointed -- be ecstatic that next week you're going to see 186.??!!!!!

Mommy Mo said...

Noone can have big losses every week, not even the contestants on The Biggest Loser (and they work out 8 hours a day!). I love your positive, can-do attitude, look how far it's already brought you.

Lisa @ Shrinking Jeans