Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weigh In Time....Rethinking Lots...

Well it's Wednesday and you know what that means, right? You get to take a peak at the scales and see how much weight you lost this week! You also get to visit me and see what I did right and what I did wrong! Fortunately, I did some things right cuz I have lost 1 pound this week.

Last week -- 192.2
This week -- 191.2

Certainly not what I should have done to meet my goal of losing 10 pounds in 7 weeks, but it is better than I expected.

Honestly, I am surprised! For some reason I have been having a real struggle with chocolate this week and usually I don't....must be hormones or something. Could be stress, as I have been catching myself snacking alot because I have been facing some stressful situations. BUT.....I am under control again! I put the snacks away! I got a big bag of chocolate kisses from one of my best friends from high school and I was not VERY tempted to eat the whole bag. I think if I would have gotten it a couple of days ago I would have just sat down on the couch and eaten the WHOLE BAG. Tonight it sits on the kitchen counter and I don't even want it....well maybe I want it, but I'm not going to eat it!!! I have a goal and I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!!!

I have been exercising like I'm supposed to which is helping me lose weight and cut down on my stress. Monday night I started working out with my new Wii game that dh gave me for Christmas, Jillian Michael's Ultimate Workout! OMG, it is killing me! The workout is typical of Jillian....see if she can cause you to die while exercising! I am stillsore from my workout last night and it's been nearly 24 hours since I worked out! I would say it is definitely a good workout!! I have set it up to do a month long Resolution, which has me working out 4 days a week. Since my goal is to workout at least 6 days a week I will probably do something a little less intense the other 2 days! My muscles will probably thank me!

I set a goal of eating at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies this challenge and I have been doing great with it. I have really been mindful of getting enough fruits/veggies this week. That is probably what has enabled me to lose the 1 pound I lost! I also set the goal of keeping my house cleaned up and organized. I have done surprisingly well with this. I am not a great housekeeper...and I don't like to be bothered by the mundane tasks of cleaning up, but I have been doing much better this week! My dh has even noticed that the house is cleaner and more organized. YAY!!

I started the Game On Diet Plan again with my friends this morning, so that has helped me stay focused today. I have eaten well and frequently. I set goals to meet for the game that I will meet in addition to the goals I set up with the Challenge for the Sisterhood. We have a great group of women doing the game and we will have fun and lose weight together!!

Thea over at the Sisterhood gave us all a homework assignment to Think about ME. Think about the things that got us to the point where we are now. Think about what it will take to get us where we want to go. This has been a tough assignment for me MENTALLY! I have been putting it off because I don't really WANT to deal with it....but I REALLY DO WANT TO DO IT!! I want this weight to come off and I want to be a better ME...for myself and my family!
I will get my homework done, because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IT WILL TAKE TO FIX MY ISSUES!!'s your New Year going?? I would have to say that this one is shaping up to be better than last one ended and that is the ultimate goal, right?!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the loss, Ann! It may not be as much as you wanted, but you know how it goes sometimes. Refocus this week and you are going to do amazing things.

Diane said...

A loss is a loss is a loss! They all add up in the end and that is all that counts!

Brooke said...

woot! on the loss :) i can't wait to read your home work tomorrow. you must have learned a lot the past 30#s :)

ps - i'm starting to think that the women that are the best mothers aren't the best house keepers. they enjoy their kids more than a tidy house.

the lewis 4 said...

Congrats on this week's loss!