Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year, A New Decade = A New ME!!

Last night dh and I watched a hockey game with That Other Kid, then as I was putting That Other Kid to bed dh started watching a movie (one I didn't have any interest in!). I had been busy all day and didn't have a chance to get online much so he finished watching his movie while I visited blogs and left some comment love! We still had time to watch a movie (of my choice this time!)-- so we watched The Proposal and both thought it was a great movie! By the time all the movies were over we were both exhausted so we went to bed! It was a nice relaxing way to ring in a new year...and forget about the OLD ONE!! 2009 was not a stellar year for our family although we did have some good points. However, we are all counting on 2010 being OUR YEAR!

This year starts off with us not really knowing what tomorrow will bring. We all have goals and desires and dreams, but don't really know how they will come to pass.
We figure we have done what we know to do, and have to leave the rest up to God! That Kid will start back to college in a little more than 2 weeks and move back into the dorms. His big goal for the next semester is to pass all his classes with a good GPA! That Other Kid and I will start back with kindergarten after having about 6 weeks off due to the move and the Christmas holiday time. His big goal for the year will be to finish kindergarten and PLAY HOCKEY, continue progressing through his karate belts, and PLAY Wii (apparently, since he seems to want to do that whenever he isn't playing hockey or with friends!) DH will begin looking for work on Monday, since his contract ended right before Christmas time. So DH's big goal for right now is to find some architectural design work (and quick, huh GOD!!) As 2010 begins I am getting myself back on track with my weight loss and exercise goals. The past couple of weeks I have had problems staying focused and consistent. I am excited that there are plenty of others to keep me accountable and focused as well as help me "rethink my shrink"! My big goal for the year will be to continue losing weight and by the end of 2010 I plan to be at my goal weight (which is still unknown -- I'm sure I will know it when I get there!)

With that goal in mind this morning I wanted to see exactly where I was, and where I had come from, so I took down my measurements and recorded them. I also weighed myself. For the record -- I have lost at least 20 inches of flab this year! I plan to get that much more off!! I plan to be a lean, mean, momma by this time next year!! This morning I weighed in at 191.2 which is 35.6 pounds less than when I started this journey on March 25th, 2009. I have a long way to go, but at least I'm making progress and I have begun the process! So here is what I looked like this morning -- 1/1/10

This is beginning of a new decade, a new year and it's gonna be a GREAT ONE!! I hope you have a great one too!


Steph said...

Pictures! That is a good idea. I think I might have to steal your idea and post a few myself tomorrow.

Good luck with "Rethink my Shrink"

Sincerely Anna said...

You're looking slim! I think 35 pounds is a MAJOR accomplishment for 2009! I've gotten back into bad habits with our shared love for the 32 oz. Coke but you're keeping me accountable, girl. Keep writing about your successes!

Karena said...

Ann -- I think you're really starting to SEE the difference in your pics! Keep up the great work --imagine where you're going to be by the time spring rolls around!

Christie O. said...

2010 IS your year! Yes, 35 pounds is a great accomplishment! good for you! here's to reaching goal this year!