Friday, April 3, 2009

Another WiiFit Success

I just finished doing my nightly WiiFit Hula Hoop Challenge...Whooohoo!!! I did 511 spins in 3 minutes tonight!! I'm proud of myself even if no one else is! I'm pooped right now and ready to hit the showers...and go to bed at a moderately reasonable time of 12 midnight!! The Wii released my 6 minute duration and my 10 minute duration tonight, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for those yet. The challenge was supposed to be done in the 10 minute slot...but as old and out of shape as I'm in I think I better just take it a little slower.

Considering earlier this week I had only done 2 spins in the 70 second time slot and I have progressed to the 3 minute slot and up to 511 I think I'm moving along just fine.

I'll check back in tomorrow and tell ya'll about our park day that we had today! But before I leave I'll just give you a teaser with this cute picture of That Other Kid and his bff on the "spider" jungle gym!

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