Saturday, April 25, 2009

May 23, 2009 .... One Month From Today...

my son, That Kid, should be celebrating his high school graduation with family and friends. This day should be such a special day for our family. It should be a day to remember for years to come. A day I have dreamed of for the past 13 years. A day to celebrate his accomplishments as a homeschooled student, and a day for me to reflect back over the years of hard work that we both made it through.

This day is also significant because I graduated on May 23, 1983...I have great memories of graduating high school. Walking up to the stage and getting my diploma. Celebrating with friends and family. I'm sure it's a day my parents still remember, too. I was their first child to graduate from high school and I had plans to go to college in a few short months. I still remember the gift my mom presented me that night...a scrapbook with pictures of myself throughout my childhood and my Senior Yearbook. Neither gift cost much money (they didn't have much), but they both were given to me with great love.

However, he has decided that he doesn't see the significance of a graduation ceremony, especially since he has been homeschooled his whole life. To him this has caused him to be social outcast to society; although he has far more friends than I could even imagine having. Since he is (in his eyes) a social outcast why would he participate in a ceremony that is nationally recognized as an important milestone in a teen's life? Since he is (once again, in his eyes) not really graduating why go through the ceremony and get a "fake" diploma?

I guess I should just move past this and not let it bug me, but ya know when you put forth more time and effort than you ever dreamed possible I feel that it should be marked by a ceremony of some sort. So as of right now, we aren't doing anything to even remember all those years of hard work and it is emotionally very frustrating.

I just had to get it off my chest....before I followed the title of my blog and blew up!! Thanks for listening!!

Edited tonight --- I finished Day 20 of the 30 Day Shred and looked ahead to Level 3 which starts tomorrow!! Doing these routines for 10 days straight gets a little boring so I'm kinda looking forward to moving on to Level 3, but OMG it's gonna kill me with all the plank moves!! But the weight loss and toned muscles is a great bonus!! Just thought ya'll would like to know!!

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