Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Way to Cure Stress

Start cleaning....something that is going to require a lot of attention and work. I worked out in the garage today to relief some of my stress from the week. I also charged my Ipod and listened to Worship music really LOUD and I sang OUT LOUD!! Which I don't do well, so it's a good thing I was all alone!!

We have lived in this house (a rental) for 5 1/2 years and I was 9 months pregnant with That Other Kid when we moved in, so boxes that were not necessary for everyday living went to the garage. Guess where they are still?? In the garage!! Yes, we had so many boxes of 'stuff' in the garage we could only park 1 of our 2 cars in there (sometimes that car would fit)!! I have been tackling it over the past couple of weeks, and I am happy to say I'm almost done! It has not been an easy task. I am a pack rat by nature, so I like to hang on to LOTS of STUFF, but I'm doing pretty good. I have most everything organized. I have thrown away or given away a TON of curriculum from That Kid's school years, and been brutal about what I want to save! Now most everything I'm saving will fit on the tire well (you know that place in the garage that keeps you from running into the house with your car???) What won't fit on there will fit along the side of the garage where there are shelves to stack things on. All hockey equipment has to be neatly laid out on the tables provided, instead of just thrown whereever! That in itself will help a lot!!

Anywhoooo, since I used my muscles today instead of just letting them sit around, I only did my 30 Day Shred DVD! Today was Day 4, Level 2 or Day 14!! I'm starting to get the hang of everything, but still struggle with all those planks! But I can feel my abs working HARD!! and my jeans are LOSE!! Yeah!! That makes it all worthwhile!!

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