Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pre-Easter Workout and Other News...

I did my 30 Day Shred tonight (Day 6) and actually did it all the way through with only 1 drink and NO breaks. I did each exercise as many times as I was instructed to and for as long as I was told to. It felt so good to finally be able to do the whole session without thinking I was truly going to collaspe by the time it was over!

Then I proceeded to do my Hula session and just didn't have it together....I was so bummed. I did well on my 70 second warmup with 243 spins (my highest yet), but then bombed the 6 minute session miserably. I did 485 spins total...and didn't complete either side of the 3 minutes. I'm disappointed in myself, but know that I will have nights like this...I just need to dust myself off and go ahead and continue working on it tomorrow night. I think part of the problem was that it is kind of warm in the house and I had pants on that were too warm for the weather conditions.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow night! and I gotta say it is getting easier to do each night. I'm starting to look forward to this time in my day and can hardly wait to get That Other Kid to bed so I can workout! This is a GOOD THING for sure!

On to the other news....That Other Kid went to a roller skating birthday party today and he had a BLAST!! As soon as we left he asked when we could go roller skating again. It was so fun to watch him have fun with his teammates and friends in a fun activity. Ya know that smell that roller rinks had 20 + years ago?? This one had it and it was a very STRANGE feeling to walk in there and remember when I used to go roller skating with my friends. One of the employees said the building was built "a long time ago, like 1972!! My friends and I just laughed....yeah I guess that is "a long time ago" to a person that was born in the '90's!! are a couple of pictures of my roller skating boy...

Enjoy your Easter Sunday and I'll be back tomorrow night with highlights of our day!

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