Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 21...Level 3, Day 1 Shredding

I just finished my workout for the night....and let me tell you Level 3 is a Killer in some ways and not as bad as I thought for others. Sit Ups--I just can't do!! I did 1 out of maybe 15....and those were the easier ones!! After resting for a bit, I can tell that my legs are gonna be really sore tomorrow...they already are kinda sore! Some of those moves are just too hard on my ol' knees so I do the easier ones with Anita. This 20 minute routine goes A LOT FASTER than Level 2...which is probably a good thing or I would just give up....ya know??

I also did the WiiFit Hula..not as good tonight...but not bad with 1709 spins in 6 minutes! I figure that was pretty good since I did move up with the Shred DVD.

That Other Kid started back with ice hockey today and he was so excited to be out there skating and having a great time. That did relay races and he did great. He fell down 1 time, but got right back up and almost caught up with his opponent. He absolutely LOVES hockey and thrives on the fast pace of it! It's fun to watch, too!!

Well that was the excitement of my was yours??

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