Monday, April 6, 2009

More Exercising...

I'm doing the 30 Day Shred DVD with the girls over at the Sisterhood and I just finished with it a few minutes ago. It was the longest 20 minutes I have felt in FOREVER!! I didn't think those 20 minutes would ever be over! This is one killer workout. I better look GOOD when these 30 days are over....Not that I'm expecting much, ya know?!!

Ya'll are probably tired of me talking about all this exercising and weight loss cr*p but I have been FAT far too long! This weight has to come off cuz I don't wanna die of diabetes or heart attack or some other preventable disease just because I'm too lazy to watch what I eat or drink and don't want to get off the couch to exercise.

In other news...I cleaned the den/playroom like a mad woman yesterday afternoon and evening and except for the extra junk I gotta find places for it looks good. I even washed the walls and polished the hard wood floor like I should do weekly! I also managed to wash, dry, and fold and put away the laundry all in one day!! Now that has to be a miracle of some sort, dontcha think? My living room is devoid of any laundry...what a strange feeling!

And one more other news...I found a long lost friend from my childhood this weekend on FaceBook. I was kinda leary of signing up for Facebook, cuz I don't really need another time waster, ya know? But I would like to see what people I know are doing with their life so I did it...It was fun to catch up a little and see what she's doing with her life. So...if you are on FaceBook and would like to "be my friend" let me can see my info at the bottom of the page!

Well I'm off to kill some more of my ab muscles with the WiiFit, Hula...hopefully I can at least tie my last record from Saturday!

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