Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today's Workout

I just finished my workout for today, with the 30 Day Shred. I'm also continuing to workout with my WiiFit doing the Hula. It's fun and a huge CHALLENGE and who can't use some fun at the end of a long day?

So for today's results...the DVD was not so killer today and I only had to take 2 quick drink breaks. I managed to do all the jumping jacks and even increased the "bounce" to my other cardio things. I'm gonna need heavier weights soon, I think. I'm only using 1 1/4 pounds right now and some of the exercises are getting easier.

DH watched me do my workout tonight, which I was not too sure about. He usually is working back in his office, but decided to come to the living room and do some things on his computer. He's not feeling good and I think he was wanting to be around other people....He told me I was doing a good job! He looked impossible, and how did I manage to do all those exercises??!! I was pretty happy that he wasn't fact he was very supportive!! Yeah!!

After doing my DVD, I got the WiiFit out and rested for a couple of minutes and jumped on and did my Yoga stretches and then the Hula. Not so good on the Hula tonight...only got 865 on the 6 minute session. Did 233 on the 70 second one which I'm using as a warm up! Oh well there is always tomorrow, right??

After my workout I went in and took a quick shower...and looked down at my tummy which I usually avoid doing...ya know what I mean?? Anywhooo, I looked down and I can see some formation of a WAIST!! I mean there is a ton of fat and blumber around it but it is starting to come back! I haven't had one of those in about 10 years!!
So all this hard work is paying off already!! Yeah!!

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