Thursday, April 2, 2009

WiiFit Challenge

Ok, so I told ya'll that I was taking the Hula Challenge over at the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans, right? Well here's how I'm progressing....I started at 2 spins, moved up to 21 spins, then progressed all the way to 98 spins all at the 70 seconds that is allowed in the first Hula Hoop setting. Tonight I did 108 in 70 seconds and decided to move to the Super Hula setting which starts you off at 3 minutes! Gosh 3 minutes is a long time!! Anyhooo I did 228 spins in the 3 minutes allotted to me!! Yeah for me! Let me tell you I can already feel it in my abs and butt!! I'm gonna be sore tomorrow but I'm gonna feel good, too, ya know what I mean??

And even better WiiFit told me that I have lost another pound since Tuesday night when I worked out last time! That would soooo cool if that is accurate, but I haven't figured out if it is yet or not.

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