Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Bit Personal -- For Other Shredders!! I gotta question for all you other Shredders. It's a bit personal so maybe you'll just want to forget you ever came over here tonight, but I gotta ask. K??? I've been doing Level 3, for 4 nights now and I'm struggling with those stupid sit ups. Not only can I NOT do them without putting my feet under the couch for support, but I pee a little every time I try to sit up. Am I the only one with such weak muscles I can't even do a stinkin' sit up? How can I avoid peeing my pants every night and still do these stupid things?? I'm about ready to just skip this part, but I'm really trying to do the whole routine, ya know?

So besides buying diapers for myself and wearing them while I exercise, what can I do? and don't suggest Kegel's cuz I do them all the time and they don't help me in the slightest!!

So, Sisters....HELP!! PLEASE!!


Courtney said...

Have you tried a modified sit-up?? What if you laid on your back, in sit up position... hands behind your head... but your feet up in the air, and your knees bent at a 90 degree angle -- instead of "sitting up" each time, just bring your left elbow to your right knee, while straightening your left knee... alternate each time the video does a "sit up"

I don't know what they are called... but your legs will look kind of like riding an air bike, and you are bending your torso to meet with the knee that your bringing up... I will try and google it online and see if I can show you a picture or a video. It's alot LESS impact than a situp... and doesn't hurt the back as much. You WILL feel it burn, but you wont pee your pants...

wildwesthome said...

I've also had decent luck with doing a "backwards" sit-up. Lay down with your hands under your bum/hips. Use your stomach muscles to lift your legs straight up into the air. If that's too much modify the move bending at the knees and bringing your knees to your chest. You also get some GREAT muscle work but lying flat and only lifting your legs a few inches off of the ground (legs straight) and pulsing them. Hope this is helpful!